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Dr. Daniel Saunders

Dr. Daniel Saunders

Dr. Daniel Saunders is a Board Certified specialist treating all foot and ankle disorders/conditions. He completed his training on the East Coast, and relocated to Arizona nearly 10 years ago to start his practice. Now he has 2 office locations in the East valley, and performs surgery and consultations at several Arizona hospitals.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Dr. Daniel Saunders graduated from Temple Medical School of Podiatry, and then traveled to New York City for advanced training. While Attending Cornell-Weil division in New York City, he mastered and fine-tuned his surgical skills, making him one of the most comprehensive foot and ankle surgeons in Arizona. For this reason, Dr. Daniel Saunders is the preferred specialist of choice from other physicians and collegues with difficult cases.


Dr. Jessica Cerda

Dr.  Jessica Cerda

Born and raised in central Texas, Dr. Jessica Cerda received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University.  She decided to pursue the practice of podiatric medicine after her experience as a patient.  Dr. Cerda attended Temple University's School of Podiatric Medicine in Philidelphia.  She went on to complete her training at the Carl T. Haden VA Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her residency included comprehensive training in generalized foot pathology, trauma, diabetic wound care, and foot and ankle surgery.  She enjoys treating patients of all ages and is dedicated to helping them become pain free.


Dr. Chris Suykerbuyk

Dr.  Chris Suykerbuyk

Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Dr Chris Suykerbuyk received his undergraduate degree in Biology from Hillsdale College. Driven by his interest in sports medicine and surgery, he attended Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago. Upon graduation, he received his residency training at the Carl T Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix. His residency included advanced training in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine, trauma, diabetic wound care and general foot pathology. He is dedicated to working with patients of all ages and issues, and helping them achieve their treatment goals.